The Atlas Chalet Shingle

The Chalet® designer series was a shingle that was manufactured to provide a dimensional appearance in a granule overlay shingle.  It is not an “architectural shingle” but rather achieved this look by utilizing random color palettes in a double thickness and creating a shadow line.  The result is a 3 tab shingle that provides the eye-appeal of an architectural shingle.  This unique shingle was created to provide an affordable shingle that has the eye appeal of the more expensive architectural shingle.
The Atlas Chalet is Defective, many problems quickly became apparent. Shingles began to blister and show large loss of granulation, often in uneven chunks, and premature cracking within the first year. This product was truly defective, and as a result there are law firms that have pursued Atlas through class action lawsuit against the company. For a time Atlas was paying for full replacement of the materials and labor. Now it is almost impossible for homeowners to have their roof replaced as a result of the class action suit or by Atlas.  However, if your home sustains any amount of storm damage, you may be able to have your entire roof replaced!  It is critical that homeowners with an Atlas Chalet roof take immediate action if their home has been in the path of a wind or hail storm! Once again you may be able to get your entire roof replaced if you have storm damage.

The Atlas Chalet Insurance Claim is Special.
When your home or business receives damage to the roof as a result of wind or hail, your insurance company must pay to repair or replace any shingles that were damaged.  When you contact your insurance company regarding potential storm damage to your home or business, they will send their representative, an insurance adjuster, to inspect your roof and property for potential storm damage.  An insurance adjuster has specific criteria that they are looking for when inspecting your roof for damage and making a determination if your roof will be repaired or replaced.  Typically, it takes a certain amount of hail hits or creased shingles in a test square to warrant replacement of each elevation of your roof.  In the case of wind damage, an adjuster will want to replace only the broken shingles if your roof passes the brittle test.  Unless you have significant  wind damage, it is not uncommon for a wind claim to result in a payout that is lower than the deductible which leaves the homeowner responsible for any repairs.  However, this is not the case if you have an Atlas Chalet shingle and a knowledgeable contractor on your side!

Like, Kind & Quality – Atlas Chalet Cannot be Repaired
The Atlas Chalet shingle has been discontinued and is no longer available.  Your insurance company must repair or replace your roof with the same like, kind and quality.  Since this is not possible with the Atlas Chalet shingle, they cannot repair your existing roof – even if you only have one missing shingle!  When a windstorm creases or causes damage to even one broken shingle on your Atlas Chalet roof, it can result in your entire roof being replaced!  There is no way to repair an Atlas Chalet since neither a 3 tab nor an architectural shingle are the same like, kind or quality of the existing shingle.  While this is unfortunate for your insurance company, it is a rare opportunity for the homeowner to have their existing defective Atlas Chalet roof replaced with a real quality architectural shingle roof! The standard of counting hail hits or creased shingles does not apply when the damaged roof is an Atlas Chalet!

Just One Damaged Shingle May Result in A New Roof
If your home or business has been in the path of the recent wind storms, or even a prior hail storm then it is critical that you contact Umbrella Restoration and request a free no obligation roof inspection of your Atlas Chalet shingle!   Our staff are qualified to inspect your roof  and ensure that your insurance claim is handled correctly!  Don't believe being told that your roof can be repaired, or does not warrant filing a claim!  This just simply is not true!  Many roofers are not aware of the unique situation that occurs with damage to an Atlas Chalet shingle.  Homeowners should also be wary of unethical roofers who may even attempt to create damage to your roof.  This may void out your entire claim and can put you in jeopardy with your insurance company!



Fill out the request form to the left. Please include your name, phone number, address, and who your property is currently insured through. We will review your information and respond to you within 72 hours of the submission. DO NOT TRY TO FILE THIS CLAIM ON YOUR OWN. Why? You wouldn't go to court without representation, RIGHT? This is the same thing. You will need your lawyer (insurance restoration specialist) with you at the hearing (the adjuster appointment) to stand in front of the judge (insurance adjuster) representing your interests. This will greatly increase your chance of receiving an entirely new roof paid for by your insurance company. As with all things in life, nothing is guaranteed, but it is worth the two minutes to fill out this form and give yourself peace of mind.